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Frozen Image offers a comprehensive range of digital imaging services for both professional and amateur.

The Frozen Image Darkroom covers all aspects of digital imaging offering high quality scanning, retouching, printing and film writing. Darkroom services can be used individually or as a combined, state of the art, digital darkroom facility for professional photographers and image makers.


Frozen Image's premium quality scanning allows you to transfer images from film or print to digital format with the minimum of data loss. Once scanned, photographs and negatives can be copied, printed and manipulated without any degradation. They are also much easier to store and transport - they can even be sent down a phone line!

Technical Details:

The true optical resolution of our scanners is 3048dpi Up to 5"x4" and 2000dpi up to A2. Scanned files can be supplied in all common file formats and on most media, including CDR, CDR-W, Jaz, Syquest and Zip. Frozen Image can scan the following reflective or transparent Films sizes:

  • 35mm
  • 120 (including 6"x4.5", 6"x6", 6"x7", 6"x9")
  • 5 x 4
  • 10 x 8

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Digital Retouching offers a whole new world of possibilities for photography, allowing a previously unobtainable of level of control over the image. Frozen Image specialize in the restoration and rejuvenation of old and damaged images.

Retouching is quoted on a per job basis based on four basic categories of retouching, follow the links for more information and examples of work.

  • Renovation
    A digital 'clean-up' that turns back the clock for old photographs. More

  • Restoration
    Digital enhancement for very old photos or photos in need of some repair. More

  • Recovery
    Rescue and reconstruction program for damaged photographs. More

  • Manipulation
    Remove anything from red eyes to whole people, rearrange wedding guests, colour skies and create composite images.

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Frozen Image's extensive printing facility enables both long and short runs at a range of print qualities - up to and including photographic quality. Printing can be done from any digital file or photographic negative and is quoted on a per job basis based on four standard print categories:

  • Premiere Laser
    Highest quality, high quantity colour laser up to A3

  • Laser
    High quantity colour laser up to A3

  • Premiere Inkjet
    Highest quality low cost colour inkjet up to A2

  • Inkjet
    High quality low cost colour inkjet up to A2

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Film Writing

Film Writing is available in a range of different quality film writes from 2000 lines suitable for display work up to 8000 lines for high quality photographic work. Sizes range from 35mm up to 5"x4"

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